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 Meet Our Sheep & Family!

New! Sponsor A Happy Homestead Sheep!
  Have you ever wished you had your own sheep but can't make it happen yet? Don't knit, crochet or spin yarn? Sponsoring your favorite sheep is a great way to see more of what the sheep do on a day to day basis. And be involved with the care that keeps them happy and healthy. Not only would this be a great gift from you to the sheep, but how about family, friends and YOU! 
          Scroll down this page for further information- we'd love to have you as a member of our flock! 


Our Girls!

            Our Boys!

Our Llamas!

Our Horses!


Our Dogs!


                                                       So Let's Get Started- How Does One Sponsor A Sheep?! 

*Sit down in your favorite cozy chair, with a BIG cup of coffee and set sail on a reading cruise through the sheep's website biographies. You are welcome to sponsor any of the sheep, horses, dogs or llamas. More than one if you would like to. If the sheep is already sponsored it will be indicated next to the sheep’s name on their website bio.

*You may choose a sheep to sponsor any time. Your sponsorship will start immediately! You are also welcome to sponsor a sheep as a gift for a friend. Maybe a friend who doesn't knit, crochet or spin yarn? The sheep think that would be a very special gift for a friend or family member! 

*Your kindness will help us cover the cost ofkeeping your sheep healthy and comfy. A sheep needs things including hay, grain, minerals, treats and occasional veterinary care,. In the spring they also need shearing, worming and vaccinations. And lots and lots of treats of course!

*In return you will have exclusive access to your sheep’s private scrapbook. You’ll find even more photos, detailed information about their rapscallion antics and activities on the farm. The sheep will be updating their scrapbooks often. The extra photos and scrapbook are only accessible by you via your own secret link. 

*Here is an example of a sheep's scrapbook. My Mom is sponsoring Trillium- Click here to see Trillium's Scrapbook!

*The sheep will also send out occasional surprises to thank you. They love surprises and hope you do too!
(Careful what you wish for everyone- the sheep can be a little naughty- might be a box of Fruit Loops!)

*At shearing time (April) 12 month sponsors have the option to choose between: 

*1 pound of washed or unwashed wool from their sheep- OR-
*4 ounce skein of yarn, spun by me to your favorite weight from your sheep's fleece-  OR-
*Choice of fingerless wrist warmers, scarf or hat- with yarn handspun from your sheep & knit by Nancy or Barbara- or maybe even Me!

*At shearing time (April) 6 month sponsors have the option to choose between:
*8 ounces washed or unwashed wool from your sheep -OR-
*2 ounce skein of yarn, spun by me to your favorite yarn weight from your sheep's fleece -OR-
*Choice of fingerless wrist warmers or hat- with yarn handspun from your sheep & knit by Nancy or Barbara, or maybe even ME!

Sponsorship Options

* 6 months - $50 
*12 months  - $100 

(Payments may be made by check or Paypal)

*We are working on a way for you to pay for subscriptions via the shopping cart but that is a few days away yet. For now, just email us at ryan3@tds.net . Please include the name of the sheep you would like to sponsor and the fee option that works for you. Then we'll get to adding you to our flock. Hope we can welcome you soon!

Please note:
*There are sheep we will not offer for sponsorship. About 2/3 of our sheep are over 10 years old now, most closing in on or over 15. Several have special needs or have not been feeling well. Please remember things happen that are beyond our control. If your sheep passes away, we will contact you first and we’ll have a good cry. Afterwards you can decide if you would like to choose a different sheep to sponsor. It’s sad when we lose one of our friends but I have remember they'll always be in my heart AND my angels until we meet again. Sigh...

                          Around The Farm!                           

'I have in irrepressible desire to live
till I can be assured that the world is a little better for my having lived in it.'       

  (Abraham Lincoln)

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News Update

11//2015- How's your weather? Sixteen inches of snow- and counting here today! Squeeeeeee!

Don't forget we have wool and fiber available year round.
If you don't see what you need listed on our website,
just send an email so we can get you all set to go!

Smooches from the sheeps!



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