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Our wool and fiber are provided by our pampered flock of sheep- and all their friends and protectors! Fiber is also supplied to us by a few local flock owners--many do not have the time or local market for their herd's fiber so this helps support some lovely sheep--AND those of us who can never have enough fiber stashed away!!! (really, my stash is ridiculous!) We offer a wide variety of wool including raw wool, washed and dyed wool and spinning batts and roving~all in natural and dyed colors and blends! 

We do not breed sheep (or eat any of our animals!) because we could never bear to part with any of them! Many of the animals we have were injured, ill or in need of a home when they arrived here and they will all live out the rest of their lives with us.... Our 'flock' is a very pampered bunch- we have also acquired a variety of sheep just for the 'cute' factor!!   For more information about our wonderful sheep please visit our snapshot pages or our sheep FAQ page....

Our sheep work hard year round to keep their fleeces clean and wonderful! Some wear coats or jackets to keep them extra clean, mainly during the fall and winter months when they spend more time inside. 

After shearing  our wool is hand washed, leaving the wool sparkling clean. Some of the wool is then hand dyed here in our kitchen and laid out to dry outside in the fresh breezes. We also offer beautiful naturally colored fiber from a variety of sheep!



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News Update

5/24/16- The sheep's update for today is finito! LOTS of new items to browse, you may want to sit down with a cup of coffee!!

Don't forget we have wool and fiber available year round.
If you don't see what you need listed on our website,
just send an email so we can get you all set to go!

Smooches from the sheeps!



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To purchase items or for additional information, 

please call The Ryans at (608) 966-3943
or email Jim or Sandy at ryan3@tds.net

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