1 oz Pre-Felt - Scottish Black Face Fleece


1 oz Pre-Felt - Scottish Black Face Fleece


Our friends Graham & Margaret have a beautiful, happy flock of English sheep. They have acres and acres to romp on and bask in the sunshine! 

One breed of sheep included in their flock is Scottish Black Face. They are very beautiful sheep who are very hardy, wonderful moms to their lambs and are just a wonderfully majestic sheep. Are you a golfer? If you've seen the commercials, or golfed on the Kohler golf course you may have seen SBF sheep galloping around the course. Those are sheep from Graham & Margaret's flock! 

This is an entire felted SBF fleece. I only removed the poopy wool and any other wool that would not be appropriate to sell! 

There is short guard hair in this fleece. If you are considering it for a garment, I would recommend lining the fleece, the section that was closest to the sheep's body. 

The outer sections of the fleece are a little less felted and could be manipulated or removed easily for projects. The side that was closest to the sheep is completely felted across most of the fleece. It does not pull apart. 

There is debris remaining in the middle of the fleece that should comb/brush out. Or the fleece could be cut in half so the top section could be removed. 

These SBF mamas take their jobs seriously. When their babies are cold or want a soft place to sleep, mama's back is the perfect spot! The only problem for us is it does felt the fleeces. Lucky for us we can use our imaginations and use the fleece anyway right? 

The fleece is white and its wavy locks average 4 to 7 inches long. 

The SBF fleeces have very little lanolin in them. Obviously they like to felt, this would be a great area rug or a garment? If you plan to use this in a garment I would recommend planning to line the side that was closest to the sheep. There are some short guard hairs present. 

Please note this fleece does not belong to our Devlyn sheep! We purchased Devlyn years ago for our own flock- this fleece is from a member of his 'family.' 

As I skirt fleeces I set back smaller sections or locks that are too felted for spinning. However, they would be perfect for doll hair, beards and more. This wool is an easy felter, all washed and ready to go! 

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Sometimes we have happy fiber accidents here. Sometimes we get fleeces in that are felted beyond use for spinning. The sheep have a strict no lock left behind rule so not many fleeces are unusable in their eyes. (and mine!)

The fleeces are each described in detail to help you decide how it would work best for garments, felting, Santas, doll hair or? Most of the fiber has loose areas that can be manipulated, trimmed or felted more firmly.