Big Bram

Not to be confused with our little Shetland sheep, Bram! BBram came to us when a friend could no longer care for him due to health issues. She wanted him in a safe place to retire- reunited with his sheep family Arthur, Garth, Ranier, Greta, Ingrid and Claire. He likes Claire best- he thinks she is adorable- and we agree! 

BBram is an Icelandic cross sheep with a beautiful, dark gray fleece. It is very much an Icelandic type fleece, double coated and soft. He is a VERY wild child, always chose to be that way even though he is older now? The day we brought him home he got away from us. He decided the neighbor's pasture looked better than ours and almost made it all the way down the road to their house! Eek! Talk about be still my heart. Good thing we don't have much traffic on this road right? 

We got him rounded back up and he jumped the fence in with the big group, and there he lives. About gave me a heart attack that day! He is a good boy, as long as you don't want to be too close. Very cute and alert, always watching over his world.

2017 update coming soon!